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Our People

Each person on our team contributes significantly to the professionalism & care of Family Vet Centre. We are committed to training and ongoing veterinary education, and this coupled with a wealth of experience, ensures that our clients & patients receive the benefit of up-to-date and best-practice veterinary medicine



An experienced group of vets leads to many ideas being circulated through the group as well as a sharing of information – this brings a new dimension to learning and allows different perspectives to be applied to problems.

We recognize the importance of seeing your own vet – please do not hesitate to ask to see your vet when you make your appointment.


Dr Justin Clancy

BVSc(Hons) DipVetClinStud MVS MACVSc (Small Animal Medicine)

Justin is from a local farming family – having been raised initially at Urangeline East, to the north of Albury, and for the last 25 years at Bowna. After completing his studies at University of Sydney, Justin accepted a small animal internship at the University. This was followed by a stint in the UK before returning to Albury and the Family Vet Centre in 2003.

Justin has received his membership qualifications in small animal medicine at the Australian College of Veterinary Scientists, and has been invited back to the College to act as an examiner. Justin has also completed his Masters in Veterinary Studies, as well as several other continuing education courses, most recently in ultrasonography.

Justin lives on the family property at Bowna with his wife Tabitha and son Xavier.

Dr Jane Bromwich

BVMS MACVSc (Small Animal Surgery)

Jane was born and raised in Darwin with a menagerie of pets. She now lives on a farm with her husband mark and 4 children and still has a menagerie of pets - 2 dogs, 2 cats (adopted through the Adopt-A-Kitten program), 8 chickens and 4 horses.

Jane studied Veterinary Science in Perth and has worked in mixed (small and large animals) vet practices here and overseas. In 2006 Jane completed her membership into the Australian College of Veterinary Science (Small Animal Surgery).

"Family Vet Centre is a great clinic to work in, as we have a wonderfully skilled staff of vets and nurses, who pride themselves in being able to give a high level of care to all their patients in a team environment.

I love the variety of the job, there is always new challenges and I still get a buzz out of seeing animals recover from injury or illness and return them to their families."

Dr Mara King


Hi, I’m Mara King and these are my gorgeous little hairy dogs Dave and Ella.

I have worked as a small animal veterinarian in Wodonga since I graduated with honours from the University of Melbourne in 1992. For the first 15 years of my career I was part of Wodonga Animal Hospital and in 2008 we joined the Family Vet Centre team.

When I’m not at work I’m kept busy by my 3 children and our collection of ponies, dogs, rats, chooks, guinea pigs, fish, rabbit and cat!!

My favourite part of being a vet is getting to know my patients and their owners. It is a very special experience to meet a new puppy or kitten and watch them bond with their families as they grow and mature. Then to care for them when they are sick or injured and help them to grow old comfortably. Our pets are special members of our families for a very long time and so much happens within a family over that time. Our pets are there through it all. It is a privilege to provide a lifetime of care to such loved pets and has been the most rewarding part of my work.

Dr Nadine Miller

BVSc(Hons) MACVSc (Small Animal Medicine)

I joined the friendly team at Family Vet Centre in 2005 after moving up from Melbourne with my husband, Kiewa Valley local, Rhys Miller. I welcomed the relocation to a more rural environment having spent most of my childhood in anticipation of school holidays when I would stay with my Uncle and Aunt in Mansfield and ride their horses all day every day! It was my passion for horses that inspired me to become a vet and I worked with horses, cattle, alpaca, goats, dogs and cats in Melbourne’s outer East when I first graduated from Melbourne University in 2003.

In the positive and supportive environment at Family Vet Centre, I have taken the opportunity to broaden my interests from the very large to the very small. It brings me great delight to treat the rat that emerges out of a devoted owner’s handbag, the Lovebird who is toilet trained to go in the laundry sink, the rabbit that comes when it is called and jumps onto its owner’s lap, the Bearded Dragon named after a fairytale princess and adored by her proud 6 year old owner, and just about any other pet that can fit in your pocket! I greatly enjoyed a working holiday to the UK in 2009 where my patients included chinchillas, chipmunks, degus and hedgehogs.

I find the medicine and surgery of all species interesting and exciting. Most of all I love helping to nurture that special human-animal bond and educating owners to ensure they get to spend as many years as possible with their happy and healthy pet.

My much loved menagerie consists of crazy Cavoodle 'Maple Syrup', two ageing adoptakits 'Stewart Diver' and 'Makybe Diva' and cockatiel 'Rosie'.

Rhys and I have two gorgeous boys, Henry and Clancy, and enjoy spending time together on the family beef cattle property where we live.

Dr Chris Wolmarans


It was a blessing to be raised in a small farming community in South Africa. Having graduated from Vet school in 1997, I worked in a mixed rural practice for the following 11 years. It was at Uni where I met the love of my life, Marian. Together with our 3 children, Louis, Paula and Fritz we arrived in Australia in January, 2009. Our family has expanded since our arrival in Wodonga and now includes Hannah (Airedale terrier) Chess (Jack Russel) and Tombi (Wire hair pointer).

I started work in dedicated small animal practice in Australia and joined Family Vet Centre in March '10. The quality, commitment and vast experience of the staff at FVC makes it a pleasure to work as part of this team. Our clients take very good care of their furry friends and it is a privilege to be a part of that human - animal bond. I enjoy soft tissue surgery and have a particular interest in early detection and prevention of Hip dysplasia through the PennHIP system.

Dr Mel van de Ven


Mel has recently joined the Family Vet centre as a new graduate veterinarian from The University of Melbourne.

Although she has spent most of her adult life living, working and studying in Melbourne, Mel originally grew up in the farming town of Balldale. It was here that she rode her horse and would deliver the neighbours mail by "pony express" and help her mother and grandfather train horses for harness racing. Mel later became actively involved in pony club and naturally being surrounded by horses, dogs and cats and the local wild life of a rural town, was passionate to begin a career in the wonderful world of animals. She began studying to gain entry into veterinary nursing and after completing the prerequisite courses; was offered and accepted a job in Melbourne as a Laboratory Assistant. This later led to a full time position in veterinary nursing, were Mel began her veterinary nurse training.

During her work as a vet nurse, Mel learned so much and wanted to learn so much more and it was when she was nearing the end of her studies in veterinary nursing she decided to go to university and study to become a Veterinarian, her dream job.

Mel's is incredibly enthusiastic and passionate about all aspects of her career and is very much looking forward to her future with the team at Family Vet centre.

Dr Peter Lee


I have been a veterinarian for over 30 years having graduated from the University of Melbourne in 1979. These years have been rewarding and challenging.

I began work in Wangaratta in mixed practice and then moved to Myrtleford to become the principal of the practice. This was also a mixed practice with both large and small animals being attended to. Over this period in Myrtleford, veterinary science started to change from a profession where a vet was expected to do everything, to a realisation that it was no longer possible for a vet to be highly proficient across all animal species.

After the move to Albury–Wodonga in 1991, this change accelerated with registered specialists becoming qualified and an increasing need for veterinarians to gain increased knowledge in a smaller field to manage the increasing knowledge in animal health and treatments. This increase in the knowledge of fields of veterinary science shows no sign of slowing.

The time I have spent as part of Albury Veterinary Hospital and then Family Vet Centre has been fulfilling and a great reward to me. The hard work of those years is seen in the marvellous people I work with.

The expansion of the practice over the years has enabled us to bring highly qualified and able people into the practice to service our clients and patients far better than I could have imagined 20 years ago.

I’ve now taken a step back from clinic life, although you will still find me in the clinic on occasion

Dr Sarah Peacock


Sarah grew up in regional Victoria on a beef cattle farm with her parents, three brothers, & a menagerie of animals. At the age of 10 Sarah decided she wanted to become a veterinarian because it would be more challenging than becoming a human doctor as animals cannot tell you what is wrong with them.

With a love of the outdoors & all animals big & small, Sarah followed her passion completing a double degree in Veterinary Biology/Veterinary Science at Charles Sturt University in Wagga in July 2016, with her fiancé Joel by her side.  Since joining the Family Vet Centre team Sarah has already adopted one of our adopt-a-kittens, Nina, who loves playing with the family's Jack Russell, Squirt. "I love my job; you never know what is going to walk through the door. I enjoy a challenge & the variety of animals & their ailments presented on a daily basis gives me just that! We have the most passionate & caring team at Family Vet Centre & I am happy & proud to be a part of such an amazing team!"

With an interest in exotics & surgery, Sarah hopes to complete some short courses in the near future to help further her knowledge & skills in these areas.

Dr Lauren Blackney


I grew up in the Albury-Wodonga Area with a menagerie of pets. I feel very privileged to to have been able to turn my love of animals into a career. After graduating from Charles Sturt University in 2014 I worked in mixed practice for the best part of four years. I am very excited to be a part of the Family Vet Centre Team and look forward to continuing my work with animals and their owners. The variety and challenge of work in a vet clinic continues to provide me with a job that I love and a reason to get out of bed on a Monday!

Outside of work I love spending time with our Labrador, Summer and German Short Haired Pointer, Skip as well as our 4 cows and 3 chickens. 



Our nurses and support staff play a crucial role in the care of your pet. As a whole the nursing group are well accomplished, and individually each nurse brings different skills to the table. Rather than having receptionists, all nurses rotate through reception duties. This is a deliberate policy, as we want the people out the front with the clients to be well experienced with what happens in the hospital – the people out the front aren’t just receptionists but are well-qualified nurses.


Veterinary Nurse

Hi my name is Brooke. I grew up on my parent’s farm in Eskdale and can’t really remember a time that we didn’t have a pet of some variety! From our family dog, to hand – reared poddy cows, horses, and chooks, not to mention all the little critters me and my sister used to find and bring home. I now am the lucky owner of the best dog in the world ‘Ripley’ the German shorthaired pointer, and no I’m not biased!! I also have a pet sheep called Shirley who I’m sure thinks she’s a dog! And Norman a beautiful sun conure with lots of attitude!!

I really enjoy being a part of the team at Family Vet Centre working along with our great vets and nurses. We have a lot of fun while getting the job done and continuing the high standard of care to all our patients. It’s also nice to meet some really wonderful owners and their equally wonderful pets.


Veterinary Nurse
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

My name is Danielle and I have recently moved back to Albury/Wodonga after spending 9 years in Melbourne. I completed my Certificate IV in Veterinary nursing while working at a small animal practice where I was employed for more than 8 years. I have also been trained in Emergency and Critical Care nursing while working at a 24 hour Emergency and Referral Centre.

Growing up on a dairy farm just out of Echuca and then at Running Creek in the Kiewa Valley, I have always been surrounded by animals.

I am incredibly passionate about animals and feel so lucky that I get to do what I love for a living.

I have a Maltese X Ishka, 3 cats Shelby, Squizzy and Nala, as well as 3 fish.

My other interests include horse and motorbike riding, and archery.


Veterinary Nurse
Diploma of Veterinary Nursing

My passion for nursing animals started at a young age, with my mother having to deal with me constantly bringing home new critters and pets without seeking permission first! I began nursing in 2000 with Mara King and have completed a Certificate IV in veterinary nursing.

Over the years I have enjoyed owning many different pets ranging from pet rats, birds, dogs, cats, horses and chooks! I have also added a husband and two beautiful daughters to my ‘favourite things in life’ list!

I feel privileged to be a part of such a fantastic team of vets and veterinary nurses which make our family ‘Family Vet Centre.


Veterinary Nurse

Hello, my name is Jacqueline. After living in Queensland for 10+ years I moved back to the region in 2014 and started working at Family Vet Centre.

From a very young age I have been passionate about the well being of all animals. Given my family’s nursing history, I felt destined to carry on the tradition but for the furry, scaly and feathered kind instead of human kind. I have always been surrounded by animals and am a proud mother of a Border Collie x Kelpie, named Bobbie. He keeps me very busy and on my toes and there is never a dull moment with him. I have been nursing since 2008 and have recently discovered a passion for exotic animals such as rabbits, birds, reptiles, rats and mice.

Family Vet Centre has been very supportive with my continuing learning and education. I plan to extend my knowledge regarding exotics in the near future and in the long term as well. I am one of two nurses who currently teach puppy preschool at our clinic. I love meeting and getting to know all the new puppies and their owners in my class. I enjoy watching the puppies grow into healthy and happy dogs.

I have learnt so much since starting at Family Vet Centre and plan to continue learning far into the future. I have the privilege of working with such a wonderful and supportive team. I love my job and the many challenges that come with it and I would not change it for the world.


Veterinary Nurse

I grew up in the country with an ever changing menagerie of pets... Cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, ducks, turtles, birds, even a donkey named George.

I've always had a huge love of animals, and as a child I was constantly bringing home injured and orphaned creatures to nurse back to health. I'd always dreamed of being a vet nurse, but I started a family early on and my dreams went on the back burner for a while.

I kept my passion for animals alive through voluntary work with Riding for the Disabled, helping out at local sanctuaries, wildlife rescue and rehab with W.I.R.E.S, and fostering for local rescue groups. I've had many different pets over the years, all coming into my care through need of help. The most recent additions are Elly the rescued pound pup, Zeus the 15 year old cat, who was abandoned with a broken jaw (giving him a unique "smile") and young kitties Lincoln and Taz, who both risked being put to be put to sleep as they were deemed too feral to re-home. All are now happy, sweet and much loved family pets.

In 2013 I had the opportunity to study Certificate IV in Vet Nursing, and I am now pursuing my dream career in the wonderful, supportive and caring team environment at the Family Vet Centre. Every day brings something new and challenging, and for me there is no greater feeling than to comfort and reassure an unwell pet while they receive much needed treatment.


Veterinary Nurse
Diploma of Veterinary Nursing

Jessie grew up in Albury and has been in the veterinary industry for the past 10 years. She started out as a kennel attendant before studying her Cert IV and becoming a qualified Veterinary nurse. She has spent some time working in Melbourne and now lives back on the border with her husband David and began working with us at Family Vet Centre in January 2017.

Jessie enjoys all aspects of being a vet nurse and has a special interest in the critical care patients and providing a high standard of care.

“There is nothing quite like nursing a sick animal back to health and seeing them go home with their families. It’s definitely the most rewarding part of the job for me”

She had a variety of pets growing up and currently ruling her life are her two fur children, Maverick the 5 year old Pug X Jack Russell and Moe the 6 month old kitten who she adopted through our adopt-a-kitty program.

“My passion and love for animals goes as far back as I can remember and becoming a veterinary nurse is all I have ever wanted to do. I am so fortunate to do the job that I love alongside the amazing team of vets and nurses here at Family Vet Centre. Everyday in this industry is completely different to the next. I am constantly learning and growing and am always looking forward to what tomorrow will bring”.


Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing, Diploma Animal Technology

I was born and raised in the Wodonga region, and from the age of two enjoyed travelling around Australia with my family for months at a time. I started working at Family Vet in 2008 while completing my Vet Nursing Certificate as a school based apprenticeship. From here my studies took me down the equine massage line, this knowledge has also helped me in day to day nursing skills and patient care. I am always keen to learn and experience new things to expand my knowledge within the nursing field.

When not at work I can be found caring for my animals at home which include my two dogs, Ruby a mini fox terrier and Champy a unique hand raised Jack Russell, three horses, Blaze, Less & Torri, various types of fish, a variety of chooks and ducks, and a very noisy orange canary called Olli, more than one of these coming into my hands on behalf of working as a vet nurse. Vet nursing is an extremely rewarding experience, there is always something new to discover. The smiles on client’s faces and the excitement of patients as they see their owner is a memory that you will carry with you forever.


Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Hi, my name is Loz, and some may best describe me as a country girl. I grew up on our family farm near Walbundrie surrounded by 5 siblings and a menagerie of pets. At school, I continued my involvement with animals by working with cattle and sheep at various Royal Shows. A Diploma of Animal Technology from Canberra cemented my desire to work with animals and I have since completed my Certificate 4 in Veterinary Nursing at Box Hill TAFE.

Moving on from the property I now live in town with my husband Darryl, son Fletcher & ginger feline Lance, but love to get back to the family farm as often as possible.

I have been with Family Vet Centre since mid 2006 and have a keen interest in animal behaviour & also enjoy being a Puppy Pre-School presenter.

I find that the Family Vet Centre is an extremely professional clinic. They not only pride themselves in the best animal care but also on creating a friendly and happy environment to work in.


Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

I grew up in Baranduda as a child and have always had my own menagerie of animals ranging from horses, dogs, fish and birds.

In 2005 I started my certificate II in Animal Studies with Mara King to then have a great opportunity to continue on to study my certificate IV in Vet Nursing at Goulburn-Ovens TAFE. Since then I have taken a 2 year break to start my own family and build a new home.

I currently own a Bull Mastiff cross, named Bundy, a Purebred Staffy named Buster, a cockatiel named Odie and in the near future would like to own horses again.

I feel very privileged to have the opportunity to work with the Family Vet Centre team as vet nursing is a very big passion of mine. I really enjoy coming to work and experiencing new challenges and working along side a great team of people.


Veterinary Nurse
BAnSci; Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

I grew up in Melbourne as a child and finished my HSC in Albury. After completing a Bachelor in Animal Science in Melbourne, I moved back to the region.

I worked with Mara King for a short while before we all joined the team at Family Vet Centre in 2008. In 2009 I completed my certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

When I am not working I am busy at home with my 3 kids Lucas, Imogen, and Madelyn.

We have 2 dogs Charlie and Buckley both Maltese X, and a lop eared bunny Thumper.

I have always had a love of animals and it is great to work at Family Vet Centre where we can all share our love of animals.


Veterinary Nurse
Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing

Growing up on a farm I have always been surrounded by animals hence my great love of them. I spent most of my childhood on horses and always knew I wanted to grow up working with animals. I have been a nurse for 6 years and every day brings something different and exciting.

I have two dogs, 'Ruby' (mini Bull Terrier), 'Cuda' (American Staffy) and a cat 'Aida' who are all very lucky to have a vet nurse as their owner due to the never ending problems they have!! Ruby being allergic to EVERYTHING and on allergy vaccine, and Cuda coming to me from work as an abandoned puppy with a broken leg, and finally Aida also coming to me from work as an adopt a kitten.

Having recently been on materinity leave after having my gorgeous little man Rory, I have returned to work part time and am still absolutely loving it. Caring for and helping to heal animals is a sometimes difficult but very rewarding that gives me a great sense of purpose.


Veterinary Nurse
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

I have recently completed my Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing. I have always had a passion for animals and knew I wanted to work with them. I have had many animals growing up ranging from chickens, ducks, geese, dogs, cats, snakes, lizards, turtles, rats, rabbits, sheep, cows, goats and alpacas. I have rescued many animals over the years too, my first rescue being a kid... a baby goat. His name is Lenny and he is now a beautiful fully grown goat (who thinks he’s a dog).
I currently live in Baranduda with my boyfriend Louis, our two cats, Rua and Zali and our brand new Airedale Puppy Eddie. Rua came into the Vet clinic paralysed and without a home; I fell in love with her straight away and knew I would be her Fur Mum. With persistence and treatment she is now walking and struts her stuff around the house. Zali was only a few days old when she came into the clinic, found in a drain all by herself. With lots of love and warm milk she is now a fully grown cat! Much bigger than her big sister Rua. And Eddie is the newest member of my growing fur-family. He has just graduated Puppy Pre-School at Family Vet Centre and is looking at his next steps into puppy high school.
I am so privileged to work with such an amazing group of people, everyone has so much to offer and have helped me so much over the years. Not only do we work at a professional high quality level, we also care for your animals as our own,which is what I love about working with Family Vet Centre.


Veterinary Nurse
Cert IV in Veterinary Nursing

I began my nursing career while still at school, working weekends for my local vet in Sydney. Finishing school I began vet nursing full-time and had the opportunity to learn from some amazing vets and veterinary nurses while studying for my certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Moving to Albury-Wodonga in 1998 I was adopted by Family Vet Centre and soon I had a growing menagerie of rescued animals to care for at home. Recently I returned to Family Vet Centre after time away with my family. The Veterinary profession is always changing and I love the challenge of always having something new to learn with so many opportunities to improve my nursing skills.

I look forward to coming to work each day and being part such an amazing team. My favorite part of Vet Nursing is the relationships that I have with families and their pets and the experiences that we share.




I was born in Albury and have lived here all my life, of latter years with my husband and 2 boys.

Currently I have two dogs, six horses, three green tree frogs, numerous reptiles and one turtle. I’m passionate about the welfare of captive reptiles and am the Reptile coordinator for WIRES locally.

My grooming interest started with clipping horses but now I get great satisfaction from clipping a scruffy, matted dog into a manageable, sweet smelling pet that is lovely to cuddle again.

Working at Family Vet Centre gives me great advantages as a groomer. There is always someone ready to provide help or advice and if I find a medical problem, that can be investigated immediately.


I have only been in albury for 12 months having moved from Sydney for a tree change.

I show Shih Tzus and Dalmatians where I have met some amazing friends.

I have worked with animals my whole working life starting out as a vet nurse before being introduced to grooming about 12 years ago.

The best part of my job is being able to make a smelly scruffy dog turn into a happy clean knot free pet every one wants to cuddle.


Boarding Manager


I grew up in Wodonga and was educated in Albury and Sydney. As a child, I had cats, dogs and budgies and currently have Angus, a Maltese cross and two cats, Monroe and Harry.

I find that working with animals can be challenging but it is also very rewarding - that's why I enjoy it so much.