Family Vet Centre
243 Borella Rd
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Family Vet Centre
75A Thomas Mitchell Drive
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Family Vet Centre Boarding
75B Thomas Mitchell Drive
(02) 6024 1723

Family Vet Centre Boarding

Welcome to Family Vet Centre Boarding.

With this new purpose-built facility, we are able to offer you and your pets the very best in pet accommodation.

Air conditioning for the summer months and floor heating for the winter months mean pets are kept in a comfortable and safe environment during their stay.

Family Vet Centre Boarding is unique in being positioned within the City of Wodonga – it is easily accessed on Thomas Mitchell Drive from Wodonga and Albury via the freeway.

The Boarding centre is built behind the Family Vet Centre clinic, allowing our boarding staff to have instant access to clinicians should your pet have any health concerns.

Grooming is also available – if your pet requires a groom whilst staying with us this can be easily arranged for you.

Day care is also available should you need to leave your pet with us for a short stay.

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To protect your pets, we require all animals to be fully vaccinated before boarding. This means a current C5 vaccination for dogs and F3 for cats – this means they have been fully vaccinated at least 14 days before entering the facility. If your pet’s vaccinations are close to being due, for example within the next 2 months, we recommend they have their booster brought forward to be assured of the best immunity level.

Evidence of current vaccinations needs to be presented with the animals for entry to boarding.

We also recommend that pets have their worming and flea control up to date.


Phone: 02 60241723
Address: 75B Thomas Mitchell Drive Wodonga VIC 3690

Drop-off and collection times

The hours for drop-off and collection are: 8am to 11am and 4pm-6pm seven days a week.


The dog enclosures are built with comfort and safety in mind.

There are 34 enclosures for small and medium sized dogs, and a further 32 enclosures for large dogs. All these are enclosed in an air-conditioned and floor-heated building. Each dog has a raised bed. A number of enclosures can be opened to adjoining enclosures, which allows dogs from the same family to stay together.

There are three large, shaded outdoor exercise yards, and all dogs are given exercise time daily.


A physically separate area for the cats has been built – so no noisy dogs for your cats to contend with! This area also has its own air conditioning and heating system.

Louvre windows help ensure fresh air to circulate when it is not too hot or cold, and there is a fully enclosed out-door area for your cat to enjoy some time playing or just lounging around enjoying the outdoor life.

The cat condos are purpose built and allow the less out-going of cats to have their privacy in special areas. Litter trays are placed away from the view by other cats.

As with the dogs there are adjoining condos that can be opened to allow cats from the same family to stay together.

We use Feliway® pheromone diffusers in the cattery to help reduce any anxiety.


Family Vet Centre Boarding uses the premium food Advance for all pets staying with us. Of course, if your pet has their own special diet, we are happy to accommodate this.